Achieve Social Media Success

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn

Many years ago, an archery instructor uttered similar words and they’ve stuck with me ever since. He was explaining why students often hit the target on the first attempt, then miss it completely every other subsequent shot. His version was a bit simpler but no less accurate – “Find what works and repeat it”. He said people pay close attention at the beginning of his class, then try to find a different or easier way.

Without exception, this concept applies to every endeavor we undertake. Mastering the basics is key to your small business or entrepreneurial venture, then you can feel free to add your own style. Social media is no different. There are countless ways to approach the development of your online presence, but the differences between a personal and professional or business profile must be considered and applied.

THERE ARE ONLY TWO WAYS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS (and you can quote me directly).

#1 ~ Educate yourself in the principles of SOCIAL MEDIA for BUSINESS with a recognized provider.

#2 ~ Engage a professional practitioner in SOCIAL MEDIA for BUSINESS and work closely with them .

Through our network we provide various training programs in the concepts and methodologies of creating, implementing and managing your social media strategy. We also work with you to develop these key functions in house or through outsourced services.

Contact us to discuss the options best suited to your business at 246-249-7774 or via email at info@bbbiznetwork.com.

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Gregory Blackett

Gregory Blackett is BB Biz Network, a Barbados based service “Creating Business Networks through Social Media”. He is the first local holder of the City and Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business and is passionate about taking the concept of ‘social media for business’ to the next level across the Caribbean.

BB Biz Network specializes in social media management, consultation and customized digital marketing solutions. Through the network, they connect small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop relationships and opportunities between local, regional and international entities leveraging social media as an effective business development tool.

Through his work with Advantage Caribbean Institute Ltd he helps the regional business communities develop and empower their employees through learning. Their wide range of training material is also available to individuals seeking to build their current knowledge base or develop new skill sets.

Gregory possesses a broad range of knowledge and experience, spending over twenty years in retail banking and information technology administration and support. He’s a certified PADI rescue diver, an occasional home chef and amateur photographer.

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