Does this photo tell you anything?

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Does this photo tell you anything?

When talking to clients about a social media strategy, I often ask them to think of something new that will represent the business.

Sometimes it takes a while but eventually, it becomes clear that the individual perspective and experience is always new and unique. Building a social media strategy and content plan that incorporate original photos brings an authenticity that can go a long way to connect with your audience.

Capturing the viewer’s attention with imagery of some form is what social media is about, Maybe they’ll read our content and take the next action … like, comment, or share it. I believe that even if just one person makes contact we’ve done everything right. Technically our work here is done as social media marketers, time to change hats and close the deal.

Whether done by a professional with a studio full of gear, or a toddler on the verge of destroying some unlucky soul’s smartphone photos can tell your viewers what you want them to know about you and your business.

Has anyone made it this far?  f you have, thank you for taking the time!!


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Gregory Blackett

Gregory Blackett is BB Biz Network, a Barbados based service “Creating Business Networks through Social Media”. He is the first local holder of the City and Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business and is passionate about taking the concept of ‘social media for business’ to the next level across the Caribbean.

BB Biz Network specializes in social media management, consultation and customized digital marketing solutions. Through the network, they connect small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop relationships and opportunities between local, regional and international entities leveraging social media as an effective business development tool.

Through his work with Advantage Caribbean Institute Ltd he helps the regional business communities develop and empower their employees through learning. Their wide range of training material is also available to individuals seeking to build their current knowledge base or develop new skill sets.

Gregory possesses a broad range of knowledge and experience, spending over twenty years in retail banking and information technology administration and support. He’s a certified PADI rescue diver, an occasional home chef and amateur photographer.

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