Whatever will I post on social media?

The Big Question

A few years ago, at the start of the diploma in social media for business, I distinctly remember asking myself that same question. I believe foremost, your content depending on your strategy, should speak first to you. It shouldn’t only show what you do or sell, but how you do it. The objective is to connect with your audience and create a community around your brand. Your content must of course catch your audience’s attention and be relatable to them. Yet it should be unique, so it stands out from the other content in their feed. Content should be tailored to your customer persona, that one person you want to reach.

Why this or any pic?

When foraging for content ask yourself this question. Your posts should have a defined objective, determined by your strategy. Standing on the deck of a cruise ship at sea and watching this other vessel approach from the distance, it was a no-brainer to take this shot. The scene literally begs for the caption “two ships passing … “. I used this one to convey just that, as the ships were just stern to stern. I tried to get the wake of the other ship hitting the hull of my cruise ship as well. That didn’t quite work out; since it was a day at sea, and we were going full steam ahead. Nonetheless, it speaks to my role as content creator, the thought process behind gathering material and matching it to a specific theme. You can guess the theme for that one; something similar like fleeting effect we have on others as we pass by in life like ships on the open ocean.

There it is …

I believe you should post what comes to you, what you look for on social media yourself as a consumer. In some ways, you may be your own perfect customer persona. If nothing else your content can tell your story, it can draw followers for what it is; a genuine expression of you and your experiences. That will encourage in turn, genuine connections and lead to the real engagement you need.

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Gregory Blackett

Gregory Blackett is BB Biz Network, a Barbados based service “Creating Business Networks through Social Media”. He is the first local holder of the City and Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business and is passionate about taking the concept of ‘social media for business’ to the next level across the Caribbean.

BB Biz Network specializes in social media management, consultation and customized digital marketing solutions. Through the network, they connect small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop relationships and opportunities between local, regional and international entities leveraging social media as an effective business development tool.

Through his work with Advantage Caribbean Institute Ltd he helps the regional business communities develop and empower their employees through learning. Their wide range of training material is also available to individuals seeking to build their current knowledge base or develop new skill sets.

Gregory possesses a broad range of knowledge and experience, spending over twenty years in retail banking and information technology administration and support. He’s a certified PADI rescue diver, an occasional home chef and amateur photographer.

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