Chancery Lane, Christ Church, Barbados

Black Stärk Hair Care


Black Stärk Hair Care is a Barbadian branded business, founded to educate and provide black women with the tools needed to grow healthy hair.


Black Stärk’s goal and purpose expanded to creating a product line after the need arose for products that are better suited for the Caribbean climate. As an activist for natural products and knowing the importance they play in our overall health, the Black Stärk product line was formed through ample research and development, incorporating our core value of “Keeping it Natural”.

Escaping the mindset that genetics or ethnicity hold the key to how healthy or how long your hair can grow. Yes, genetics may play a part, however this does not hinder you from achieving realistic results for your specific hair “type”. I am not one for labels and no hair is better than another, UNLESS you are speaking about health. Black Stärk is here to signify strength and what you think about when you hear the words “naturally beautiful”; for far too long we have thought of our hair as unmanageable but all we need is the know-how.


Let’s celebrate the coils, the curls and the kinks and empowering those willing to take the step to becoming part of the natural healthy hair community with the right tools, knowledge and support.

Black Stärk Hair Care

Prices vary

What we do for you
  • Custom blended hair care products
  • Natural ingredients
  • Hair care consultations
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