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Blogs and articles are curated primarily within our network of professionals and entrepreneurs. While topics may vary, they’re all relevant to operating as small business owners in Barbados and the Caribbean. Come join our network and contribute to the conversation. Please contact us if you’d like to be featured in this section.



Do you know when to ask for help?

Digital Transformation Today’s storefront is digital and social media is the doorway to our businesses. This is where we welcome and engage our existing clients, attract new business, and interact with our service providers and industry partners. Planning is Key Managing a small business is challenging. With so many moving ...
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two beaches and an examined life

Dynamic and Competitive “Inclusive and sustainable industrialization is essential to achieve sustainable development. It unleashes dynamic and competitive economic forces that generate employment and income, facilitate international trade, and enable efficient use of resources. As such, it is a major driver of poverty alleviation and shared prosperity.” LI Yong ...
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Review – City & Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business

Jamal's Experience Let me start by saying I was among those who wasn’t originally a fan of social media. This journey started when a colleague saw an ad for a City & Guilds Diploma in Social Media Management and brought it to my attention because I was ready for a ...
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Unprecedented shouldn’t mean unprepared

Tomorrow is Coming We cannot foresee the future, but we know it is coming. We do not know what is coming, that is why t we must plan as best we can for it. Let’s face it, none of us can possibly be 100% ready for the unexpected, and it ...
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Barbados Real Estate Sales & Rentals

Online Community Barbados Real Estate Sales & Rentals is a moderated group managed for the promotion of real estate sales and rentals in Barbados. The administrators seek to preserve the integrity of the content published, creating a valuable resource for group members. Subject matter unrelated to the stated purpose, or ...
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Building and maintaining a successful enterprise by Shauna Marshall

Building and Maintaining A Successful Enterprise by Shauna Marshall A successful business usually begins with an idea, this can be viewed as the seed of the business. Thus, how do we turn this idea into a sustainable business? That is where most of us becomes stuck or overwhelmed. And that ...
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Does this photo tell you anything?

Does this photo tell you anything? When talking to clients about a social media strategy, I often ask them to think of something new that will represent the business. Sometimes it takes a while but eventually, it becomes clear that the individual perspective and experience is always new and unique ...
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What happens once we hit send?

What Happens Once We Hit Send Most of us don’t realize how deeply connected we are online. Everyone knows the dangers lurking in cyberspace, yet we pay scant attention to what happens once we hit send. If we think of it at all, it’s usually “it’ll   happen to someone else” ...
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Whatever will I post on social media?

The Big Question A few years ago, at the start of the diploma in social media for business, I distinctly remember asking myself that same question. I believe foremost, your content depending on your strategy, should speak first to you. It shouldn’t only show what you do or sell, but ...
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Gregory Blackett – BB Biz Network

Bio Gregory Blackett is BB Biz Network, a Barbados based service “Creating Business Networks through Social Media”. He is the first local holder of the City and Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business and is passionate about taking the concept of “Social Media for Business” to the next level ...
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