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Houses and Apartments for Rent in Barbados

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Houses and Apartments for Rent in Barbados is a Facebook Group managed for the promotion of long term residential rentals in Barbados.

The group was originally created by an individual who became e frustrated in her search for a rental home. As we all have, she found there was too much unrelated content posted in the groups she’d joined. Inadvertently she created and grew a focused and active community where the members can find exactly what they’re looking for, as the content is carefully screened before publication.

Those presenting content to the group are asked to provide information useful to members making that move to a new house or apartment. Contributors are also encouraged to monitor their posts for engagement, so the members interested in the property can move ahead with their decision on a place to call home.

  • Do you live in Barbados in search of a rental home?
  • Do you live overseas, planning to return home?
  • Are planning to migrate to our island?
  • Are you a private landlord or landlady?

Join the community and spread the word about Houses and Apartments for Rent in Barbados

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