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Review – City & Guilds Diploma in Social Media for Business

Jamal’s Experience

Let me start by saying I was among those who wasn’t originally a fan of social media. This journey started when a colleague saw an ad for a City & Guilds Diploma in Social Media Management and brought it to my attention because I was ready for a new career path. As a person who likes to see the mechanics and breakdown of things, I was always intrigued by its impact over millions of users worldwide.

I must say taking this course was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The course was thorough, very insightful and well structured. This program gave me tremendous knowledge on how to really use this powerful tool, for business and for personal branding as well. Gaining this diploma, I now have a deeper understanding of the concepts and the confidence to apply them in my current role managing the social media resources for a large financial institution in Barbados.

I would sincerely recommend taking this course. If you are ready to go to another level when it comes to social media as a qualified professional, invest in your development and join me on the other end. Why spend so much time on social media idly scrolling for hours, when you can utilize that time making social media work for you and gaining from it. The City & Guilds Diploma in Social media for Business will do that for you and more. Don’t be intimidated by the course work, the instructors, Mary and Di are very kind and easy-going and they work with you every step.

The world has moved to social media and it’s better to be on the right end, promoting business, staying informed and highlighting the benefits and positive things out there, making life more convenient and engaging with others. This course will give you the power to make that a reality and without a doubt give you a new perspective on social media.

Jamal Maynard

IG Personal @maynard_mally89

Photography: @mally_shots89

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