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Toronto Caribbean

Toronto Caribbean


Community Focused

The Toronto Caribbean newspaper is one of the fastest growing and most read (well received) Caribbean community newspapers in Toronto. We are a bi-weekly Caribbean newspaper bringing you news from throughout the community and straight from the Islands. Not only do we have one of the largest distributions, but we are greatly invested in online marketing, receiving high volumes of weekly online views.

We are committed to printing and delivering on time, and are subjected to regular circulation audits ensuring that we keep to our word delivering up to date and credible information.

Though we focus mainly on Caribbean news, our readers are as diverse as Toronto, coming from all walks of life and different ethnicities. The Toronto Caribbean Newspaper is the only paper in the community that can guarantee a 90% readership!

Our Vision

Helping our community shine through Building, Strengthening and Empowering all that makes our community great!

Our Mission

We believe that the best use of our existence is to influence positivity and aid social change. We are constantly focused on encouraging our team and uplifting our community. We use our platforms as a voice to build, strengthen and empower people to display the beauty and strength we create through unity. We consciously choose to focus on the positives, deliberately showcasing success, highlighting the loving nature of humanity, advancing and strengthening the confidence of those people that are doing their part to make a difference, and shape the legacy of tomorrow.


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